Your local dentist here at Ivory Dental Centre welcomes all new patients and strives to make your first visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our case manager will assist you in completing our medical and consent forms, and address any of your questions and concerns. We are here to help you achieve your goals and help you maintain your oral health.


What To Expect

The first appointment with your local dentist consists of a complete oral examination, which includes x-rays (unless you have a specific concern, or require immediate treatment for an emergency condition). The dentist or hygienist will discuss their findings with you, make recommendations and establish a comprehensive treatment plan. Our case manager will explain your treatment plan in detail, prepare a cost estimate and schedule any necessary appointments.


Find Your Local Dentist

If you have any further questions about the treatments we offer and how we can help you with your smile, call us or contact us through the form above. Our staff is here to help you and inform you about our practice. We can also help you find the next available appointment that suits your schedule.

Your local dentist understands that patients have a wide variety of scheduling needs which is why our clinic is open late in the afternoon and also on Saturdays. Consult with us to see how we can help you when you need it.

We are accepting new patients and we are thrilled to welcome you and your referrals into our growing dental family right here at Ivory Dental Centre. Your Langley dentists and our beloved staff are here to help you with your smile and your oral health needs.



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